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Our Competitive Rates

Each minute not spent cleaning your home is time spent doing something you actually enjoy! Contact us for a free consultation. We will establish appropriate rate for you, based on your needs, size of your home and individual expectations. Please consider that family members that purr or bark often require additional time to clean around.

Rates are inclusive.                  Vacancy is limited.                     Appointments are scheduled geographically.

'Maintenance' Cleans
(home regularly maintained by professional cleaning service provider)

$30.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)
'One Time' Cleans
(deep clean, move in/move out clean, preparation for a home sale)

$33.00 per hour (3 hour minimum)
Typical home maintenance time requirements:
1-2 beds, 1 bath, eat in kitchen, living room = up to 3 hours
(eg. one floor apartment)
2-3 beds, 1-2 baths, kitchen, dining & living rooms = up to 4 hours
(eg. small bungalow, or condo)
3-4 beds, 2-3 baths, kitchen, dining, living & family rooms = up to 5 hours
(eg. multi level, average size home)
4+ beds, 3+ baths, kitchen, dining, living & family rooms, den, laundry, foyers = 6 hours  +
(eg. multi level, large size home)
Give the gift of time! A gift certificate for house cleaning makes a wonderful gift to celebrate:
* The purchase of a new home
* The welcome of a new baby
* The matrimonial joining of loved ones
* A successful surgery